We (my husband, the one with the master’s in computer science, tee hee) are in the process of making Edible Tapestry its own website.  It has been a little tricky, so I’m not sure if things will be changed around or if it will be a seamless transition. 

I am also working to separate and repost some of the recipes that I’ve posted in categories under single posts so they will show up in the recipe index.  Please bear with us if we make a mess.  We promise to clean it up as quickly as possible.  For those who have subscribed, there will be multiple posts as I separate the recipes and get them categorized.  Sorry about all of the extra notices this will send your way. 

I can’t believe the blog is already four months old.  Thanks so much for following, commenting, encouraging, and instructing.  My pictures are getting better thanks to all of the tips and feedback from my photography friends and the wonderful Valentine’s Day gift of a new camera from my husband.  Thank you all!  It’s been so much fun and a lot of work, but because people show so much interest, it keeps it fun and effortless and puts more purpose into my daily routine.  Thanks!