A culinary career was something I decided I needed as a young adult which led me to enroll in culinary school.  expeditor

PracticumLine cooking in a fast-paced commercial kitchen is just about my favorite thing to do outside of my home, but when I realized my children were growing up right before my eyes, and it felt as if my time with them was slipping away, I came home for good.

I now work out of our home, alongside my husband, in mobile application development.  Edible Tapestry was created in 2011 as an attempt for me to continue educating myself by keeping my hands dirty in the kitchen.

I live in the Southern Appalachian Mountains where I have settled with my husband and two sons after long years of moving from place to place as a military family.  The hours of my day that aren’t filled with cooking, writing, and graphics design I spend homeschooling my children and caring for the animals and plants on our small farm.homeschool

I am fond of watching things grow and thrive and love to include my harvested produce, herbs, and fresh eggs from our hen-house of pet chickens in the weekly menu.  I also find foraging for edibles within nature’s landscape extremely rewarding and a survival technique I found fascinating as a child growing up in a large city in Florida, when I first read the book My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George.  I always knew that I would run away to the mountains like the character in her book, and I find myself at this point in  my life looking around and wondering how I’ve gotten everything I’ve ever wanted.

Edible Tapestry allows me to practice within my chosen career field while dedicating my life to my family.  Thanks for stopping by this journal of our day-to-day lives and helping me to do that.


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dawn Turner said:

    I love this recipe! It looks and sounds so fancy..but even someone with three thumbs in the kitchen could do this. I think! LOL

  2. WHOA I can finally learn how to really cook from you across the miles:)

  3. Your comment showed up on my About page. Are you referring to the Blackberry Clafoutis? If so, yes…SO easy! https://edibletapestry.wordpress.com/2011/02/23/blackberry-clafoutis/

  4. Would you believe that My Side of the Mountain was one of my FAVORITE books when I was growing up? I literally tried to move into the tree behind our house. I moved back home approximately 20 minutes later.

  5. That’s incredible! You are the only other person I’ve spoken to who even knows about the book. Pretty neat. I always think of Sam when I see a hollowed out tree that I think would be large enough to live in. lol

  6. I LOVED My Side of the Mountain as a child! Have you read the sequels? ❤

  7. The boys and I are in the middle of the second. I won’t finish it without them, but we are on the last Chronicle of Narnia and have started the Harry Potter series. We just never seem to get back to Sam Gribley. 😦

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